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Current interest rates are automatically adjusted daily plus our mortgage calculator has some extra details and features that should help our clients better budget for that new property.  We’ve estimated in some pre-set monthly expenditures for property taxes, home insurance and Private Mortgage Insurance rates. (PMI – is usually required with down payments of less than 20%). For more on what factors can affect your interest rate, visit: What Key Factors Affect Your Mortgage Rate.

The calculations above are based on our states trends and averages.  Keep in mind you may not have the exact figures until they are provided with a copy of your HUD statement, so having these estimates early can be added value in determining what your actual monthly outgo will be. We also provide a detailed loan amortization schedule. Click the link and the Mortgage Rate Calculator will reveal a complete schedule for review.

Please note: your actual mortgage amounts can vary and this estimate on interest rate with our Mortgage Rate Calculator my not reflect the actual loan type you may obtain or qualify for. Please see your mortgage professional for a more complete mortgage cost estimate.

Buying real estate of any kind and especially buying a home and getting the best mortgage rates and terms is one of the most challenging parts of the buying process. From shopping for a property to shopping for your loan, a Charleston Mortgage Place mortgage broker can assist you in the process. We have available multiple mortgage rate options and programs that we present and compare. Offering you a one-stop solution to your mortgage financing needs.  In addition to helping arrange mortgage financing options that consider your goals and unique financial situation your broker has inside tips and help available for:  scheduling appraisals, home inspections, comparing insurance options and more.

First time home buyers and others who want to know more about mortgage rates and calculating your actual costs and monthly payment,  plus some additional useful information about shopping for a home loan should check out this video and visit’s website for more information


12 Minute Video about mortgage lending from HUD: