Charleston Mortgage Rates

Current Charleston SC Mortgage Rates:

Charleston Mortgage Place is your source for lending in Charleston SC.  Looking for the lowest possible interest rate on your next mortgage or refinance? Use our QUICK CONTACT to get someone working on a no-obligation, lowest rate comparison quote today.

The following interest rates are based on averages available for today. Actual interest rate offers may be higher or lower. Please use this information as a guide to trends in real estate mortgage rates in South Carolina.


The above estimates are an average of availability and do not reflect an exact interest rate you may be offered. Your actual interest rate may vary up or down based on many factors such as: the type of mortgage you qualify for, the type of property, credit score, amount financed and loan to value among other factors.


How can you get the lowest rate possible?

More about interest rates in Charleston SC:

When looking at interest rates keep in mind that your personal financial situation has the most significant effect on the interest rate you will be offered. We are dedicated to finding you the lowest possible rates and will advise you on what you can do to accomplish that goal. Charleston has a thriving and growing economy that may put additional pressure on home price increases but lenders are more eager to lend in areas of higher growth. Now is a great time to buy that new home!

Some of the major determining factors for interest rates:

Your Credit Score (FICO)

A higher FICO score is going to mean a better rate when you apply for your mortgage loan. Individuals that have an extraordinary FICO rating will aligned to sometime receive an home loan reat tha is a full point lower than individuals that my simply have an “OK” assessment. It is not very probable that you will be able to enhance your Credit Score overnight and use any quick tactics to see that score even marginally improved. Our brokers are experts at finding the best match for you financial situation and discovering the best approach to get you the lowest rate possible.

We can also give you additional options on the types of loans available and compare programs carefully so that there are no surprises when it comes time to close on your new loan. Please contact us today to get started on a real quote that considers your total financial picture.

Timing on Refinancing or New Purchase

Now is a good time to finance and refinance. Interest rates don’t historically remain low for long periods and upswings in interest rates are not always easily predicted. If you are considering a new purchase or refinance we are happy to discuss your situation and recommend options with a free no obligation or commitment needed consultation.